He Put A Hidden Digital Camera In His Mom's Room And Discovered Some Very Disgusting Behavior

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Most of us love our parents very much and if God spares life then our parents will eventually grow old and be unable to take care of themselves. This is why nursing homes were created.

Camille Parent admitted his mother, who has Alzheimers to a nursing home and expected her to be taken care of and respected. However, he was very wrong.

Due to his mother's disease, Camille was unable to know how she was being treated at the home, as she couldn't remember anything. But one day while at the home with his mother, he noticed one of her eyes was bruised! Was someone at the home hitting his mother?

No one at the establishment could tell him how his mother received the bruise, so he decided to find out on his own. The son set up a "nanny cam" in his mother's room where no one could see it... and what he discovered was absolutely shocking! For one, a caretaker was caught blowing his nose on his mother's bed!

Two nurses were caught kissing in the room, as if his mother were not even there! But the worst happened after Camille's mother's diaper was removed by a nurse, and then pushed into her face!

Other residents would come into her room as well, looking around and taking her belongings without asking! 

She was completely taken advantage of and Camille was having none of it. He showed the video to the CEO of the nursing home and as anticipated, the CEO was extra stunned with what he noticed.

“That is not acceptable. Based mostly on what I see on the preliminary investigation, It’s completely unacceptable”

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