Veterinarians Issue Warning To All Dog Owners: Check The Inside Of Their Mouths Immediately

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We all try our best to love, care for and look after our dogs, especially when it comes to their health. But a recent epidemic is causing our furry friends pain and discomfort, and oftentimes, their symptoms go unnoticed. 

It all has to do with little insects that looks remarkably similar to ladybugs - but their bite is much different!

Asian (or Japanese) beetles, as they're called, are the bothersome bugs causing the big fuss. When a dog chomps on a branch, patch of grass or licks up the bugs themselves, they can become stuck in the roof of their mouths.

Then, within moments of being ingested, the beetles release a toxic chemical that causes burns and excruciating pain for the poor pups who come across them. This isn't happening to one or two dogs, there have been thousands of cases of this occurring to our lovable furry friends.

Hands & Paws Rescue, a clinic that's treated a large number of this type of ailment, postedon Facebook to warn owners about this potential danger.

"Asian Beetles (some people call them Japanese Beetles as well) can embed themselves like this in the roof of your dog's mouth if ingested by dog.

Be aware of what your dog is randomly eating while outside.

These beetles( which look a lot like ladybugs) can be on sticks, leaves, etc.... Symptoms are constant drooling for no apparent reason, and sudden horrid breath."

If your dog begins drooling, foaming at the mouth or their breath smells a bit stinkier than usual, it's time to take a peek!

Another veterinarian at the Hoisington Vet Clinic in Kansas took to Facebook to share the danger that ingesting Asian beetles poses to our precious pups.

"This is the second pup I have seen like this today. If your pet is drooling or foaming at the mouth look for these lady bugs.

They cause ulcers on the tongue and mouth and have a very painful bite."

Although this type of beetle burn is extremely treatable, and affected dogs feel relief almost immediately after the bugs are removed, it's still something to stay aware of!

If you've found this type of beetle inside your dog's mouth, share your story in the Facebook comments section - and be sure to pass this information on to your friends and loved ones so they can protect their furry family members.



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