This Two-In-One Bicycle Has Me Baffled, But It’s A Real Thing!

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     For those who are indecisive on how to get around, take a look at the Lopifit Bike. Throw those pedal-powered pieces...aside, and welcome the two-wheeled wonder with a treadmill to power it!

[Source: Inside EVs]

But wait, there’s more to Lopifit’s frame than meets the eye. It’s not just your, two legs that put this thing at full throttle. An electric engine enables the bike to speed up to 17 MPH! The system’s similar to e-bike pedal assist, but this bike senses your steps on the treadmill and uses the motor to torque the drive chain.

Lopifit founder Bruin Bergmeester said it all started when he wondered how to take a treadmill outdoors. Bergmeester burgeoned the bike over the next few years and found a way to wield the dichotomous design.

It’s easy to use, as you power on the battery and use your foot to force the treadmill backward, which activates the motor. Grab the handlebars, get on and go! Walking will increase its speed, while coasting requires nothing but you standing still. To stop, the breaks are on the handlebars (as usual). The right lever stops the motor assist and activates a rear, disc brake. The left lowers the treadmill speed itself—a key to coasting. It seems simple enough, but it actually takes a little acclimation.

[Video: courtesy of Lopifit Canada]

Lopifit’s actually been available since 2014—an instant hit. But the company couldn’t handle all the inquiries and order calls it received. Only a precious few were privy to this treadmill-turning two-wheeler. Now, as they’ve hit their mass-production mark, they’re rollin’ ’em out like rodents in an alley! Lopifit’s actually struggling to meet the demand—even at the powerful price of $2,115!

However, while Lopifit’s following is growing fast, the transportation team has balkers who battle the concept and say it’s “stupid and unnecessary.” They wonder why you wouldn’t just walk the old-school way. But the bicycle behemoth enables anyone to step at higher speeds without sweating. It probably won’t replace the popular pastime of pedaling a traditional two-wheeler, but it definitely has a huge fan base. In fact, the company is in talks with Tesla to “raise the product to the next level.”

[Video: courtesy of DW]



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