Man Ties A Rope To His Shovel, Shows Everyone A Better Way To Remove Snow

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It's usually summer all year long in the Caribbean where I live so I never really have an issue when it comes to shovelling snow.

However, a lot of you folks reading this live in cold countries where winter is prominent for a certain part of the year and have to deal with a lot of snow.

It can be very stressul to shovel a pile up of snow but thanks to the video above you can learn a way to make the process a lot less daunting.

By adding a long piece of string from the handle to the shovel, you can transform this dreaded chore into a fast and easy project.

L Kanavaros demonstrates how other shovel designs can cause tension on the lower back, leaving you in pain days later.Then, with his modified shovel, he shows the world how a piece of string can make removing snow from your property so much easier on your mind and body!

With the right length of string and proper motion, you can shovel your entire driveway with less than half the effort it would've taken before! Life in the winter just got so much easier, thanks to Mr. Kanavaros!

Once you try his method, you'll wonder how you ever managed before.

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