Is The Secret To Life Buried Inside A Mine With A 2 Billion-Year-Old Lake?

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Is the secret to life hiding in these unbelievably old waters?

Ancient Waters

The pool was found in 2016 deep in the Earth, and scientists are carefully studying the ancient waters and their secrets.

Scientists think the earth itself is 4.5 billion years old. Dinosaurs ruled the planet a mere 230 million years ago. Life on Earth first began 3.5 billion years ago, so the secrets lurking in this ancient pool of water could be extreme.

Secrets in the Deep

The pool is about 2 miles below the surface of the Earth in the Kidd Creek Mine, known as the world's deepest base metal mine. That's in Timmons, Canada. And scientists have already made a fascinating discovery: evidence of a single-celled organism that once lived there. Could it be one of man's earliest ancestors? 

We’re still learning about the history of the world, and this lake deep in Canada could offer all sorts of answers. Share this story!



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