Take The Flavor Of Your Favorite Beer To The Next Level: Listen To Music While You Drink

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Scientific evidence suggests that you can enhance the taste of your beer depending on the music you choose to pair it with.

Sonic Seasoning

Do you like bitter beer? Bring out the bitterness of each sip by listening to music with low-pitched notes. Look for deep bass lines and baritone voices to enhance the taste of that bitter brew.

Do you like your drink sweet? Listen to high-pitched music to enjoy the taste all the more. Piano music, violin, woodwinds, Mariah Carey -- you get the idea. It's called sonic seasoning, and it might start becoming a big thing in beer.

Sound and Taste

It sounds like cutting-edge theorizing, but this isn't the first time the topic has been exposed. A psychologist introduced the idea of sound's influence on taste 50 years ago. The findings were interesting, but not interesting enough for the rest of the scientific community. But now 5 decades have passed...and the world may be ready for this brave new idea.

New research into the subject shows there may actually be something to this whole sound-makes-stuff-taste-better idea. Multiple studies show that certain sounds do influence taste. In one study, beer drinkers were asked to taste different beers while listening to a specially-designed soundtrack. They later drank the exact same beers without music, and the results showed dramatic differences.

Do Your Own Science

Researchers are still looking into the possible link between sound and taste, but you can start conducting your own experiments with your favorite beers and music on your own time. Try it for yourself, and see how sounds may enhance the flavor of your best brews.

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