Yes, Tree House Brewing Uses Hop Extracts In Several Beers

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Tree House is one of the fastest-growing craft breweries in the nation, and sometimes breweries grow faster than the hop crop. So yes, they use hop extracts in their beers. What's that mean for you?

Tree House Beer

Started in a garage, Tree House Brewing now produces 175,000 barrels of booze yearly. It's one of the fastest-growing and best-known craft beer breweries in the country. Since 2013, Tree House has been using hop extract to create "a smoother and more palatable bitterness" in their beers, according to co-founder Nate Lanier. Haze, one of the brewery's most popular beers, is made with a hop extract.

Extracting Taste

Hop extract is made from processed hops. Usually, it's combined with CO2 or ethanol. In the U.S., hop extracts are regulated by the FDA. Many craft breweries used hop extracts, which can be added instead of wet or dry hops in brewing. Hops have a limited lifespan after being harvested, take up a lot of brewery space and are affected by market and weather conditions. Extracts, by comparison, are readily available and take up very little space.

Grown vs. Extracted

But there's no denying that using hop extract really isn't traditional, and it's trickier than it sounds on paper. When not used with precision, extracts can really ruin the taste of a beer. The aromatic effect of using hops is also lost when extracts are used instead. This is why some beer purists are against hop extracts, but there's a much better reason to advocate for real hops instead: hop extracts have far fewer prenylflavonoids, which appear to have some anti-cancer properties.

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