9 Secret Starbucks Cheats to Try Out Yourself

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There are countless life hacks for Starbucks aficionados to use each time they go get their coffee fix. With over 11,100 stores nationwide, it is easy to find a cafe to use them at.

Here are 9 Starbucks cheats to use next time you hit up your local shop!

9. Order a Short Cappuccino

A short (8oz.) cappuccino is the closest Starbucks comes to making a regular double-shot cappuccino for that extra caffeine buzz!

8. Make the Pumpkin Spice Latte Even Spicier

To make the seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte super spicy and zingy, try asking for a pump or 2 of cinnamon dolce syrup to take on that pumpkin pie flavor.

Feeling extra spicy? Add more cinnamon and nutmeg powder located on the condiment table!

7. Order French Press for Half Price

According to Today,

"We went in with a couple of friends and asked for the French press, and our local Starbucks barista cheerfully accommodated our order. But she had to check on the details, since that store rarely does French press coffee anymore. That said, the French press we ordered cost $3.50 for around 32 ounces — about half the price of the per-cup cost if everyone ordered separately."

6. Make a Cheap Latte

Instead of a latte, which is usually more expensive, just order an Americano coffee and add milk to make it a latte. Since it is an espresso drink, it tastes better too! 

5. Like Frappuccinos? Leave a Tip!

If you order a Frappuccino, be sure to throw in a tip. 

A former barista says that Frappuccinos are the hardest and most time consuming things to make, so the workers would be most appreciative if you give them a tip for their efforts on this drink. 

4. Get Bathroom Codes on Foursquare

If the Starbucks you are near has a locked bathroom, you can usually find the restroom codes via Foursquare tips for most locations.

3. Order at 'Kids Temperature'

If Starbucks makes your drink too hot, order it at the standard 'kids temperature,' which is 135 degrees. No more tongue burning!

2. Always Ask!

If it is 8AM, and you want a cupcake, just ask! They will have them in the back. Same goes for most sandwiches and pastries; if they are not visible in the case, inquire with a barista to see if they have your favorite food item.

Sometimes they haven't had a chance to restock the food shelves yet, and most likely will have what you want. Ask and you shall receive!


1. Free Drip Coffee

A user from Quora says, "If you would like a free cup of drip coffee, wait until they run out. If they take your order and are in the process of brewing a new batch, in most Starbucks the barista will apologize for making you wait and offer it to you on the house.” Sneaky!

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