Halloween Hacks: How to Make a Pumpkin Keg

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This time of year is about pumpkin EVERYTHING, and the people at Celebrations have completely upped the ante with a festive, crowd-pleasing DIY pumpkin keg for your Halloween party. 

The only thing better than drinking fall beer is drinking fall beer through a carved pumpkin— Bonus! Pumpkin spice flavors are not required, but are strongly encouraged.

Instructions start on the next page (it's easy, we promise). Before we get started, however, we need to grab a few things.


1. Black marker or pencil

2. Carving tools (knife, spoon, etc.)

3. Spigot 

4. Beer of your choice to fill the pumpking with.

5. Additional beer to drink while you're crafting your masterpiece.

1. Clean Out The Pumpkin

Start by cutting a ring around the top of the pumpkin with your blade angled so that the top will not fall through. Then, scoop out all of the seeds, pulp, and gunk out. Pretty simple thus far, right?

2. Cut Out The Hole For The Spigot

Place the end of your spigot on your pumpking and outline the tube. Next, carve out the hole with a knife. If you're feeling cautious, then cut the hole a little too small, and adjust the size accordingly. We can't go back if the hole ends up being too big for the spigot.

3. Insert The Spigot

Once you have the hole, unscrew the washer and ends, stick it in, and screw in the washer ends on the inside of the pumpking to make a nice, tight seal. You don't want to have any beer leakage - that would be a waste!

4. Fill With Beer And Serve

3. Add Beer and Serve: Grab your favorite six-pack (bonus points for a seasonal selection) and pour it into your new pumpkin keg. Place the keg in a good spot with enough room to allow all your guest to crowd around and get a festive beverage! Enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

Need additional guidance? Watch the entire video below:

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