20 Incredible Facial Hair Styles to Rock for No-Shave November

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"Movember" or "No-Shave November," is when men do not shave for all 30 days of the month in an act of solidarity and charity.

Since 2003, it has been meant to raise awareness for cancer, specifically testicular and prostate cancers. It is also a (more popular) chance for guys to grow ridiculous beards, 'staches, and mutton chops for us all to marvel at.

Here are 20 marvelous facial hair inspirations for all you guys participating in Movember!

20. Classic Curl

19. Major Mutton Chops

18. The Salvador Dali

17. Ultimate Red Beard

16. The Duck Dynasty

15. Princess Leia-esque

14. Scorpion Tail

13. Spike It Up!

12. The Hulk Fu Manchu

11. All Of The Hair

10. The ZZ Top

9. It's a Twister!

8. No Face Facial Hair

7. The Tom Selleck

6. Turn Down For What?

5. Starburns!

Bonus points if you know what TV show he is from!

4. Waffle Braid Magic

3. Perfect Handlebar

2. Longest Beard Ever

1. Davy Jones, Is That You?

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