Oreo & Chocolate Beer Milkshake - Start the Holiday Season Off Right!


Oreo & Chocolate Beer Milkshake

The guys over at The Craft Beer Channel have created the perfect frozen winter beverage to start your holiday season off right!

This milkshake is made from Left Hand's Milk Stout, chocolate ice cream, pale ale malt, milk, and Oreo cookies.

To make the Oreo & Chocolate Beer Milkshake combine:

-1 heaped tablespoon Barley Malt (available online or at your local brewery)

-2+ scoops chocolate or Oreo ice cream

-Your favorite milk stout beer. You'll need half as much beer as you need ce cream!

-Add milk until the milkshake is to your desired consistency

-Use a few Oreo cookies for garnish and enjoy!



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