Crafty Brew - How to Make Beer Art from Bottle Caps

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Don't let those used beer bottle caps go to waste!

Use your old beer caps as craft supplies to create your own recycled work(s) of art!

The folks at Lucky Buddha Beer take a simple board, bottle caps, and some hot glue to enhance their living space with an art board.


-Beer bottle caps

-Board or piece of wood that you can hang or display easily

-Hot glue gun

-Picture or image you want to recreate


1. Collect miscellaneous beer bottle caps for your project. Pick colors or brands you like best!

2. Plug in your hot glue gun to get it nice and warm.

3. Select an image or figure you want to make from bottle caps.

4. Layout your design on the board.

5. Get gluing! Remember, strings of hot glue are normal, just wait until they dry to pick them off.

6. Hang your beer bottle art board in your home to the envy of all your friends!



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