Thanksgiving + Beer = The Perfect Holiday Couple


The guys at Beer Geek Nation know how important booze is to Thanksgiving culture, so they came up with ways to easily match up your dinner and beer pairings.

Here are some simple tips and guidelines to follow when indulging and imbibing this week!

1. Start with light beers and ales, like an IPA such as Sierra Nevada before dinner

2. Sam Adams Boston Lager is also good to have before or on Thanksgiving day

3. Saisons, which are light. spicy, and fruity pale ales, are the best to drink during your turkey dinner.

4. Beer Geek Nation recommends Saison-Brett from Boulevard Brewing Co.

5. Belgian White (Witbier) beers are also good to have with a heavy Thanksgiving dinner

6. Be sure that the beer you choose is as sweet as, or more sweet than, its accompanying dessert 

Thanksgiving Meal Beer Pairing Advice



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