21 Grill Masters Stepping Up Their BBQ Games This Summer

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Step aside, vegetarians. We've got this.

The season of burgers, brats, and beers is officially upon us. Here's some inspiration to get you in the grilling mood.

1. The man who wouldn't let snow get in the way of a good barbecue.

2. And the woman who said the same of a little rain.

3. It's like the Great Wall of China...but a grill. Beautiful.

4. Have you ever wanted to barbecue, but didn't want to leave your bed?

5. Charcoal? Propane? No. Real bbq masters use molten lava.

6. Want to make "baby's first grill"? You only need an empty can.

7. You can now barbecue on the high seas! What a time to be alive.

8. A bicycle-powered bbq carousel? Yes please.

9. And keeping with the carnival theme, a ferris wheel!

10. If this isn't how you serve fruit at your bbq's, then you're doing it wrong.

11. Regular grills are dull and played-out. What you need is a dragon head.

12. Or, if you're feeling a little nerdy, a Death Star.

13. Have you ever wished that your grill was portable? Problem solved.

14. Burgers for the whole neighborhood!

15. Burgers that are shaped like turtles, of course.

16. Going for something more exotic than beef? What not an alligator?

Wrapped in bacon and biting on a chicken, obviously. It's like a Pinterest project!

17. Follow up that delicious meal with a sundae.

18. Too much meat, maybe?

19. Impossible!

20. Just remember the golden rule of bbq.

21. Happy summer grilling!

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