20 Customized Cars You'll Wish Were In Your Garage

RealClear Staff


This is why 'Pimp My Ride' needs to make a comeback.

Yes, your Honda Civic is nice, but what if we turned it into a giant toaster?

1. This toaster on wheels.

2. This upside down automobile.

3. Is that...is that legal?

4. Who wants to buy me a car made of chalkboard material?

5. How many LEGOs does it take to build an actual, working car?

6. Wait...what?

7. Motorcycle? Car? I honestly can't tell, but I want it.

8. This one too.

9. Some people just cover their trucks in carpet. It happens.

10. Environmentally conscious folk will, of course, opt for turf.

11. Teenage girls will just say "screw it" and bedazzle their cars to hell.

12. A car painted to look like you just ran someone over. Is there anything more terrifying?

13. Yes. The answer is absolutely yes. Burn it!

14. Is it drivable? Doubtful. Do I still want it? Definitely.

15. But...how?

16. Hmmmm. Where have I seen this before?

Oh yeah!

17. Does this make anyone else a little hungry?

18. Or this?

19. Corn? Fish? Doesn't matter, it's food!

20. Yes! Want! NEED!

Now get out there and mod your own car! Good luck!



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