This Guy Did The Coolest, But Possibly Most Illegal, DIY Project Ever. The End Result? Genius.

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The world is being bombarded with messages of hate and it's very easy for us to blame the media but maybe it's our fault --- the general public. We stereotype groups of people and ingest hatred like a good meal and savor it as though it is actually something worth savoring. It's probably just human nature to do so but it's also human nature to crave love, hope and happiness and for that to spread, someone has to spread it.

The first person we can start with is you.

There are many ways to spread love, hope and happiness but I'm going to give you a pretty cool way to do it by simply just following these Wikihow steps.'

It's something called "Moss Graffiti" and it's exactly what it sounds like. It's graffiti made with moss. Yeah,  I know what you're thinking "how can I spread love, hope and happiness with moss?"

You'll see!!

I would advise that you do this on your own property because doing this on public property, or private property that’s not yours can potentially be considered a crime so use precaution. That being said let’s get started!

First, you will need these ingredients:

1. A small handful of moss
2. 2 cups of buttermilk or plain yogurt
3. 2 cups of water
4. 1/2 tsp. sugar
5. Corn syrup

Step One: Find the moss

You can find moss outside on damp surfaces, or you can buy it at a garden center.

Step Two: Prepare the most by washing as much soil out of the roots

Also: Break the moss and place it in a blender

Step Three: Add buttermilk/yogurt, water, and sugar. Optionally, add corn syrup to thicken paste

Step Four: Pour the mixture into the bucket. Remember, do not overblend because you want the moss to stay intact.

Step Five: Now it is time for the graffiti! Dump the mixture into a bucket and grab a paintbrush

Step Six: After painting your creation, check back weekly to see the progress. If you spray your design with water, it will encourage the moss to grow

Once you get the hang of it, you can do things like this…



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