14 Food Pics That Are Just Downright Disgustingly Disrespectful

RealClear Staff


Because not EVERYTHING needs to be a rainbow DIY project.

1. These nachos.

2. This..."pizza"?

3. This is the most enraging thing I've ever seen.

4. ...I stand corrected.

5. That's not how chicken works. Enjoy your salmonella.

6. These "rainbow" cupcake cone monstrosities.

7. Can we just collectively stop rainbow-ing everything?

8. *Pukes*

9. I think I developed diabetes just by looking at this.

10. You call that cake?

11. And you call THAT garlic bread?

12. This is not what Jesus died for.

13. Well I sure as hell am never moving to Virginia.

14. And one more time for the people in the back - STOP RAINBOW-ING FOOD!



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