Handy Dad Built This AMAZING Bed For Backyard

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Jason Hodges decided to do something creative to his naked concrete courtyard.

He makes a daybed out of grass! And you’ll see how it makes for an absolutely perfect little hang out spot, not to mention ideal for a picnic or simply laying out and catching some z’s!It starts with the base of a futon. Then comes the headboard and then the top frame where the grass will go. It looks so elegant due to Jason’s finishing touches of charcoal stain. The raised garden is filled with soft leaf buffalo turf. This type of grass is simple to maintain, not to mention totally smooth and soft. Basically a pair of sheers and regular watering is all it takes to maintain this.

Here’s what Jason has to say about his design:

“It’s fine that it looks good, but the most important thing is how does it feel? I’m pleased to report it’s a 10 out of 10.”

Nice! Perfect place to crash out and take an afternoon snooze!

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