5 Ice Cube Alternatives That Will Save You From Watered-Down Drinks

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If you dump half your glass of lemonade after the ice melts because it all turns to water anyway, it's time to start thinking outside of the ice tray. Use these ice cube alternatives, and forget about choking back a watered-down drink ever again.

Frozen Grapes

They're round, they're tasty and they come in their own protective casing, so freeze grapes. Place them in a bowl or plastic bag and let them freeze until hardened. Instead of ice cubes, drop frozen grapes in your glass to keep your drink chilled. This is a great ice cube alternative for wine and cocktails that are supposed to be served cold.

Whiskey Stones

If you know a trendy drinker, you may have seen whiskey stones already. They're lightweight, cube-shaped rocks you can freeze overnight to keep drinks nice and cool without watering them down. But you can make your own whiskey stones if you start looking for smooth pebbles. Clean them with soap and water, soak them overnight and then chill them. 

Make a Barrier

You can chill your drinks with ice cubes and still avoid all the melting that happens later. Slip your cubes into a small, locking plastic bag and put the whole bag in your drink.

Strawberries and Juice

If you really don't like water and you really want to get fancy, you can always make ice cubes with some other liquid instead. Fill your ice trays up with the fruit juice of your choice and top with thin slices of strawberries. Freeze it to make tasty, fruit-flavored ice cubes that have a heart-shaped design at the top. This looks way high-end, and only takes a little bit more work than ordinary ice cubes.

Add a Popsicle

Add a fun, frosty, non-ice addition to any juice drink: throw a popsicle in the glass. This is a fun way to keep lemonade and fruit drinks chilled, and kids will absolutely love it. 

Change How You Chill

Forget about ice that melts into water that goes on to ruin your drink. Keep your beverage nice and chilled without taking away any of the taste, and share this story so all your friend know how to hack their drinks, too!



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