A Seasonal Life Hack [Apparently] Guaranteed To Cool And/Or Humidify The House

RealClear Staff

RealClear Staff


      ...air conditioner broke? Is that scratchy throat putting you in whisper mode? Well, suffer no longer! To cure those dry, sweaty blues, the only items needed are sponges, a tin-foil pan, a tray, a small fan, a temperature gauge and water.

Red sponges may have a negative effect.

Once you have it all set up, simply activate the fan, kick back and take pride in the fact you’ve created a semi-elaborate way to stay cool and hydrated. (Of course, with all the time and effort necessary, purchasing an actual appliance may seem easier.)

But don’t stop there! With enough imagination, you could be the next domino-setup champ! Yep, boredom has ignited some of the cleverest ways of doing things.



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