These Are The Only 3 Recipes You Need To Score A Taste Bud Touchdown This Super Bowl Sunday

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Put those hot wings and potato skins on the sideline this year!

I'm willing to bet that every single person reading this has been to a Super Bowl party. I myself can name like, 7 NFL teams, yet I've attended these game day celebrations every year for as long as I can remember. Partying it up on Super Bowl Sunday is just a way of life for Americans!

I'm also willing to bet that we've all attended a Super Bowl party with a mediocre spread. I mean, we can only have Karen's unsalted potato skins with refrigerated shredded cheese on top so many times. She doesn't even melt the cheese! If I have to sit through this crime against my sense of taste one more year, I'm going to lose my mind. You probably will too!

Fortunately, YouTube channel Tasty (whose videos you salivate over in your Facebook feed on a daily basis) uploaded some easy, delicious cooking tutorials that are sure to give your feast a little more personality this year. These are so easy that even I could prepare them, and I managed to mess up a children's box of macaroni and cheese last week. Let us know how these quick fixes turn out for you!


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