7 Hilariously Bad Movies Starring Big Celebrity Names

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It’s nice to be reminded that rich and famous movie stars are just people too. However, their embarrassing job choices are preserved as mockable entertainment bliss. 

Embarrassing 5th grade class photos tagged by long lost friends now on Facebook are nothing compared to these 7 hilariously bad movies forever linked to famous Hollywood stars...

Whoopi Goldberg in "Theodore Rex" (1995)

This straight to VHS (remember when those were a thing?) feature saw Whoopi Goldberg, who was just coming off of big hits like the Sister Act series and Ghost, teaming up with a “charming” animatronic dinosaur in order to take down the mad scientist responsible for the destruction of dinosaur-kind. 

Sylvester Stallone in "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!" (1992)

A hardened police detective, Sylvester Stallone is all work and no play. That is, until his zany mother takes over his life. She meddles not only in his romantic relationships, but also his career. His attempted transition from 20 years of action films to a good cop/bad cop comedy went about as well as you'd expect.

Jennifer Aniston in "Leprechaun" (1993)

Made right before her Friends fame, this movie features a young Jennifer Aniston constantly on the run from an evil, murderous Leprechaun that demands to know where his gold is. She must find a four-leaf clover to kill him (yep) before her time runs out.

Heather Locklear in "The Return of the Swamp Thing" (1989)

Heather Locklear, playing a ditsy blonde character, falls in love with a research scientist turned swamp plant monster bent on taking down an evil doctor who wishes to capture him. Good thing she proclaims that she's a vegetarian, otherwise their romance might seem weird.

Bruce Willis in "Hudson Hawk" (1991)

Bruce Willis plays a cat burglar who has just been released from prison. Though he planned to live his life honestly from that point on, he is blackmailed into stealing famous Da Vinci paintings. This blackmail also apparently entails that he randomly break out into song.

Burt Reynolds in "Cop and a Half" (1993)

An 8 year old, who tragically witnesses a murder at the beginning of the film, refuses to help police find the killer unless they grant him his one wish: to be a cop. For some reason, this insane request is granted, and the child falls right in the line of fire as he teams up with Burt Reynolds.

Ben Affleck AND Jennifer Lopez in "Gigli" (2003)

From IMDB: "The violent story about how a criminal lesbian, a tough-guy hit-man with a heart of gold, and a mentally challenged man came to be best friends through a hostage.”  If that doesn't say enough about this movie, then we don't know what does. One newspaper thought the film was so bad, they gave it a rating below 0, a true Hollywood first.

The readers have spoken!

See an additional list of atrocious movies with famous stars: 



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