13 Worst Celebrity Selfies – You’re So Vain

Posted: 11/20/2013 10:26:29 EST

Selfies have been entertaining the masses for a while now, so the fact that Oxford Dictionaries has crowned it the word of the year isn’t exactly surprising. But sometimes, selfies are better kept to, well, yourself. Take, for instance, 13 of the worst celebrity selfies out there. This is one time being vain wasn’t a benefit.

Rihanna isn't all she's quacked up to be

Kim Kardashian promotes wearing sunscreen

Tyra Banks gets in on the Movember movement

Someone tell Chris Brown he is not a squirrel

Nicki Minaj taken off guard...by herself?

Something's rotten up in here—just ask Beyonce

The Biebs needs to work on his bed head shots

Lady Gaga goes more little monster than paparazzi

Rita Ora meets Wonder Woman meets Miley Cyrus

Looks like Nicolas Cage took flying high a little too literally

Some beauty secrets are best kept under wraps Kelly

Tyra proves there's extra-terrestrial life here on earth

Amanda Bynes didn't get the memo that it's better to keep the crazy to a minimum



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