People Will Do Just About Anything For Publicity.

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San Diego’s Comic-Con always avails some pretty spectacular panels, trailers and die-hard fans. This year, amid the scheduled lined-up events, be on the lookout for a Star Wars-Hot Wheels publicity stunt. Two, epic (and epoch) forces have come together to create the latest for those who feel the need to purchase every, single die-cast metal marvel to hit retailer shops.

Unfortunately for many, this roaring high-speed Rebel is probably one of a kind. Yes, many may wonder a couple things—how much the two franchises spent on putting it together, and how to build one of their own. For those scratching their heads about the latter, here’s how it was made:

If that’s not in the budget, consider an alternative more-affordable project. 


For those not planning on attending San Diego Comic-Con, there are definitely other conventions to attend. Enjoy!



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