The Wildest Food Fashioned After Movies

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     Over the years, there’ve been a good handful of blockbusters enabling companies to belt out lines of cinema-inspired products. When Harry Potter hit the scene, people did more than just throw cosplay parties. Yes, the world was introduced to fantastic foods such as biscuits based on Ron Weasley’s jumper, alcoholic ales from the films, and an entire restaurant and cafe were opened in honor of the hit movies. Oh, and don’t forget about the bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans—e.g., “Vomit.”

And if any of those entertainment accoutrements are eye-popping—or at least oddly interesting—check out these other items that might just make you wonder why...

France’s dyed-black “Dark Vador” Burger

[Source: Aquila-Style | Courtesy of Lucas Films Ltd., © & ™ All Rights Reserved]

To ride on the 3D release of Phantom Menace in 2012, France-located fast-food-joint Quick created this double-pattied deathwich of doom with a bun so black it seems to have been toasted by a lightsaber itself! For those who were deathly opposed to ingesting an obscene amount of E numbers, Quick counter-offered a “Jedi” burger booming with extra mozzarella cubes on a normal bun.

“Ghostbusters” Ectoplasm Energy Drink

[Source: InstantAnonymous]

To quickly educate anyone unfamiliar with ectoplasm, it’s the sludgy, gunky goo ghosts left behind upon making an immediate exit to escape the Ghostbusters—e.g., Slimer (circa 1984). After experiencing the slimy scenes in either versions, it seems weird to want a can of ectoplasm-colored energy to supposedly elevate you to expedience. However, for folks into fruity kicks of caffeine, guarana, ginseng, taurine and all those extra treats, tap into Amazon’s array of energy drinks—this one’s $7.99 (for one can)!

James Bond’s Naked-Daniel Craig Ice Lolly

[Image: Daniel Lehman]

There’s really nowhere to begin in terms of tackling this hopefully-tasty-but-definitely-creepy cold pop. There are probably a handful of folks into licking the naked torso-area ligaments of a cryogenic-like Daniel Craig. Perhaps the ladies licked one whilst kicking back to later-day-Bond blockbusters. This summertime spy-shaped treat was a Del Monte marketing tactic released in conjunction with Casino Royale (2009)—it was national ice-cream week at the time. Additionally, female filmgoers voted Mr. Craig as the sexiest man they’d like to see on a stick. (Where would they even participate in such a poll??) These lollies were enjoyed in an array of flavors (blueberry, pomegranate and cranberry)—only 100 calories per consumable Craig.

McDonald’s China’s Naughty, Green, Pork Burger

[Source: McDonald's Twitter]

Possibly more erroneous than the Vader burger is the Angry Birds Movie-inspired meal featuring a chirp-and-oink sandwich—pork patty, circle-shaped egg and jalapeno sauce between a sliced, green bun. It might taste amazing (for fast food)—if you don’t look...while ingesting an item reminding you of those restaurant leftovers that’ve been sitting in the fridge for weeks. didn’t make it past McDonald’s Chinese markets.

TGI Fridays’ “Deadpool” Mixed Drinks

[Source: Nerdcast Network via TGI Fridays' Twitter]

Nothing says “sell” like a quasi-hook in a Marvel movie. TGI Fridays found a way to drain drinks from their brief mention in Deadpool. Heck, a corporate-sponsorship data firm estimated the little line to be worth $785,000 in free advertising! The restaurant ran that reference all the way to the bar, slinging sauces such as the Fruity Spicy Drink-Thingy (Sailor Jerry spiced rum, fresh orange, mango purée, fresh sour, a cherry with Myer’s dark rum to top it all off). There’s also the Merc Juice with Hornitos Reposado tequila, orange juice, fresh sour and pomegranate. Oh, they made a third...but you’re already onto the latest elixir at your local ale house.

Dennys’ Instant-Heart-Attack Hobbit Hole Breakfast

J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy is amid the top tier of timeless classics. It was simply a disservice to the late Tolkien himself when Denny’s donned an entire menu dedicated to the theatrical adaptations—hash browns, maple syrup pancakes and French toast. Don’t forget about the One Ring burger and Campfire Cookie milkshake made in honor of the 2012 release of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The following year, they found a way to tie themselves into The Desolation of Smaug—Elven Woodland pies (basically rebranded pecan and pumpkin desserts). Then there was the whole shebang with the Hobbit Hole breakfast including a bounty of fried egg-filled-cheddar-bun halves served with extra-melted cheddar cheese and bacon hash browns. Consuming a spread like that would certainly send anyone to the ER.



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