16 People That Shouldn't Be Allowed Near Facebook

RealClear Staff


Stupidity truly knows no bounds.

The problem with Facebook is that everybody is allowed to use it. Sure we've all had our "blonde" moments, but these people are just living in an entirely different reality.

This geographically inept person.

This dude, who doesn't understand how dimensions work.

This unique individual.

People that have never heard of Daylight Saving Time.

Anyone that doesn't know not to post bank information.

This 12-year-old.

Or this one.

Seriously just keep all children off of social media.

I mean honestly...

The girl that should NOT be allowed to have a credit card.

This person who literally doesn't understand what a 'status' is for.

The girl that doesn't know how many hours are in a day.

The guy that thinks fire hydrants are ancient artifacts.

This poor, misguided individual.

This blonde.

And this not at all ironic picture from a 30-year-old mother.



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