16 Popular Products Get Hilariously Honest New Advertisements

RealClear Staff


These companies aren't fooling us.

We all know that some companies take a few liberties when advertising for their products. But what if that wasn't the case?

This is actually a great point.

Probably an accurate statement.

We still love you Kmart.

Every college student knows this is true.

Ben and Jerry's is the best thing about a break up.

The real reason any of us use YouTube.

Well you're certainly not buying them because they taste good.

So that's how Delta got its name.

Still not sure how this is possible.

Every child knows this struggle.

Poor Pepsi.

WebMD: Where every headache means brain cancer.

So then what are they for?

It's like clockwork.

Just a note to all high schoolers everywhere.

And the most honest would-be advertisement of all time.



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