19 Next-Level Ways To Finally Conquer Your Office Boredom

RealClear Staff


Time to channel your inner Jim Halpert.

Hate how your day at the office drags on forever? We've got your solutions.

1. Go on an office safari.

2. Make your coworkers a refreshing pitcher of OJ.

3. Build an office fort.

4. Find new, bigger real estate for an office buddy.

5. Start a revolution.

6. Convince an older coworker that you've created infinite power.

7. Go all out for someone's birthday.

8. Buy one of these.

9. Start a garden.

10. Work in customer service? This is essential.

11. Play God with the office supplies.

12. Get creative with your desktop's wallpaper.

13. Bring in a pet. Just make sure they're dressed appropriately.

14. Begin a full-fledged war.

15. (Incorrectly) inform others that various electronic devices are voice-activated.

16. Cause the office to descend into absolute madness.

17. Start assigning everything labels.

18. Go out and buy additional coworkers.

19. And terminate the day by putting Arnold on everyone's mice.

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