17 Suspiciously Inappropriate Uses Of Quotation Marks

RealClear Staff


These people have a great "grasp" on "grammar".

Some "people" think that it's "fun" to use quotation marks for "emphasis". Don't you just "love" that?

1. That's a bold way to tell her that she's adopted.

2. Are you calling me ugly?

3. Some kids probably had their childhoods ruined because of this.

4. Ah yes, I am indeed with "child".

5. I don't know what "chili" is, but I know I'm not hungry anymore.

6. Yep. My food cravings are definitely gone.

7. What's the most inappropriate word to unnecessarily put in quotes?

8. Just...why?

9. Well that's not sketchy at all.

10. This is definitely a legitimate organization.

11. Well that's just rude.

12. No amount of money will get to me to touch this machine.

13. Um...no thank you.

14. One continued offense stands out above all others.

15. Somebody please get the manufacturer of these signs 'Hooked On Phonics'.

16. God help us all.

17. Or...not?

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