18 Extreme Liars Getting Called Out On Facebook

RealClear Staff


Everything on the Internet is a lie.

Have you ever wanted to call out that one friend or relative that is contantly exaggerating how great their life is? These Facebook heroes may just inspire you to do just that.

1. "I'm a vegan now! Pay attention to me!"

2. Way to cover your tracks yellow

3. Must have been a really vivid dream.

4. "Your mom said you're only on a saline drip because you had a runny poo."

5. That's not passive aggressive at all.

6. Whoops.

7. How's the new truck?

8. "Miley is so disgusting. I'm so glad I'm not like her."

9. At least they're studying?

10. What we all fantasize about doing.

11. Don't steal pictures from popular websites next time.

12. Some people will lie about anything.

13. Nothing says desperation like a face Facebook "hacking".

14. So. Awkward.

15. Is there anything more embarrassing than being called out by your own parent?

16. At least these parents are keeping their kids honest.

17. And they're doing it in the best way possible.

18. Thank you, parents of the Facebook world.



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