16 People With the Worst Decision-Making Skills Ever

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Everyone makes mistakes. It is just a fact of life; no one is perfect.

However, some people tend to make more terrible (and often permanent) decisions than others. Whether it be horrific tattoos, ugly clothing, or criminal behavior -- bad decisions are everywhere...

16. Wrong Way!

I have no earthly idea how this could happen. It seems like the driver doesn't know either!

15. This Typical Bro

There is NEVER, I repeat NEVER, a reason to wear 4 popped collar polo shirts. Ever.

14. Wear the Rainbow

There are 2 people in the world that love Skittles so much they've devoted their hairstyles to the candy. Now THAT is dedication, or something...

13. Hair Crime

They could at least have let him finish his haircut before he got arrested. Jeez.

11. It's Not Just People

Even our canine companions make bad decisions. Woof!

12. This Should End Well

The popular children's rhyme goes, "Catch a tiger by his TOE," not his tail. This situation probably came to no good. 

Run, tiger, run!

10. All in the Family?

My Grandma is my favorite person in the world, she is the best.

But I know THIS relationship between Grandma and Grandson is beyond creepy! Plus who takes selfies of themselves in the mirror while kissing said Grandmother? 

9. Not Interested

"Nahh, I don't want to see my newborn baby right now. I would rather go on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to update them with the big news!"

8. This Criminal Mastermind

What do you do when you can't find your illegal drug stash? Call the cops for help of course! That's what they are there for!

7. Bold Fashion Statement

This "creative outfit" literally makes no sense.

Bras? Underwear? Maybe a shirt? No one will ever know.

6. Not a Playboy Bunny

Immortalizing your pregnancy with "sexy" photos of you dressed as a bunny seems like a great way to embarrass everyone that knows you. Plus your poor future child.

5. Amanda Bynes

Within the last year, actress Amanda Bynes has gone off the deep end.

From drug arrests, to insane Twitter rants, to suing her family and the NYPD, she has taken the cake for bad decisions. It's time for her to get serious help.

4. Poor Ana

Poor Ana just wanted a tattoo of (presumably) her own name. Her choice of font and punctuation are just unfortunate. 

3. Seriously?

Besides being gross (and permanent), this is just a breakup waiting to happen.

2. Nope

Nope. Just nope. Nope. Nope. Nope

1. The Worst

This guy has important priorities that he had tattooed permanently on his head. He wants you to know he is a loud and proud racist. Obviously he's the worst at making life decisions.

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