18 Of The Stupidest Social Media Spelling Mistakes Ever

RealClear Staff


Say it with me: "Hooked on Phonics".

The unfortunate thing about social media is that anybody can use it.

1. I don't think I'll ever be trying that menu item.

2. Not with spelling like that, you're not.

3. I hear it gets pretty lonely there.

4. Beaties: The new disease taking over the nation.

5. I really hope not...

6. Hopefully this young lady isn't lactose intolerant.

7. Or worse, "lack toe tolerance".

8. Someone take her phone away. Please.

9. Is your favorite country?

10. Did Apple buy France while we weren't looking?

11. Ok then...

12. I know it's a hard word to spell but come on.

13. I'm guessing the answer is a definitive "no".

14. I think I might have an idea...

15. How would you like to Barry it? White? Manilow?

16. Simple chemistry - we all have defense magnesiums.

17. There is certainly one spelling offense that stands above all others.

18. Please grab the nearest book, read it, and never post another status.

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