20 Social Media Posts That Will Make You Weep For Humanity

RealClear Staff


Can you not?

If ignorance is bliss, then these are the happiest people on Earth.

1. I don't think that the elevator is the problem.

2. Mystery solved.

3. I don't see the resemblance.

4. Come on Jenn...

5. That's not how that works.

6. Yeah that's not how that works either.

7. #Trippy

8. Stop ignoring me Jack!

9. Please take green's advice.

10. So I have some bad news for you...

11. Asking the important questions.

12. What a great color! Where did you get it?

13. And now for lessons in various school subjects: Geography.

14. Biology.

15. History.

16. Social Studies.

17. And all of the posts on social media from people who didn't know that the Titanic was an actual ship.

18. With actual people on it.

19. And that it wasn't just a film.

20. Just...wow.

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