17 Hilariously Horrible Resumes For The 'Do Not Hire' Pile

RealClear Staff


We'll let you know...

Résumés are the perfect opportunity to professionally brag about yourself. Unless you're these people that is...

1. How not to ever get an interview? Triple-super-infinity-check.

2. Is Cinnamon Skaggs your name? Or...

3. Bold use of a cartoon for 7-year-old girls.

4. Good with ppl. Bad with rsms.

5. Résumé tip: Double-check spelling.

6. Always. Double-check. Spelling.

7. Is it 1997 again?

8. Maybe you should have left that one out.

9. The face attached to her own résumé says it all.

10. Résumé workshops should be a high school graduation requirement.

11. "You can verify my heaps of medals with my referees."

12. Probably not an accomplishment to tell people.

13. And probably not a hobby (sport?) you want to tell people.

14. I'm sorry, we were actually looking for someone with experience in "fabgjwogysh".

15. Did you use your ESP to figure out that you won't be getting an interview?

16. Well that's...bold.

17. A truly accurate response to every résumé on this list.



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