9 Funniest Things Kids are Thankful for this Thanksgiving

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November is all about being thankful. Culminating with a traditional Turkey Day roundtable discussion about what we are all grateful to have in our lives America's teachers often assign a little thankfulness in their curriculum. 

Great idea. 

Even better idea when those kids have vivid imaginations or a certain way with words. Here are some of the best Thankful lists we've ever seen. 

1. Mr. Priorities

Sorry, mom and dad. Maybe you'll make the cut next year. This little guy only has room on his plate of thankfulness for wheeled vehicles and Christmas Trees and animal crackers.

Party on, buddy. 

2. I'd Hate to See Her Christmas List

This little girl has a lot to be thankful for and is not shy about listing it. However, upon further investigation, she doubled and tripled up on some very important items. (See: 10, 27, and 29)

I bet her dentist is happy with that list, too. 

3. Happy Hours

Probably not made by a child, but still, happy hours are something to be thankful for. Gold star. 

4. Mortgage Blues

Wow, most of us are well into adulthood before we learn how soul-crushing the loan application process is with a bank. 

Sorry, Lucy.

5. Fast Cars and Food

"Mom and dad, welcome to the list. Now, can I borrow the Porsche?" 

6. That's One Well-Rounded Child

Mom must have done something right. Last year onions earned top billing. 

7. Respect for the Godfather

Maggie knows her movie history. Anyone who disrespects the Godfather is likelyto get whacked or wake up next to a horse head. Especially, after he gives you a sweet gift like cowboy boots. 

8. You Aren't the Only One, Pigpen

Either he's thankful for not smelling so bad anymore or he sat next to the "au naturale" kid in school. 

9. Wait, Who's Your Brother?

We're going to go out on a limb here and assume you missed a period. Unless, this turkey was found next to the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

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