11 Items Every '90s Kid Totally Knows (And Secretly Misses)

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Believe it or not, the 1990s were 2 decades ago! Crazy right?

That means we can all safely look back together and remember that nostalgic time fondly. Every '90s kid will at least remember these!

1. Inflatable Furniture

Who would ever think that inflatable furniture was a good idea? You sat on it like, 5 times, and then it would be flat. Still, it was the envy of every kid, including me!

2. See-Through Telephone

Ahh the good old days before cell phones. You had to talk to your friends on your awesome clear telephone WITH a cord. Simpler times, it was.

3. Lava Lamps

A throwback to the 1960s, every 1990s kid wanted one too, fire hazard be damned!

4. Nick

Nickelodeon was THE channel to watch as a kid in the '90s.

Remember 'All That,' 'Clarissa Explains It All,' 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' 'Rugrats,' among other great classic Nickelodeon shows? So good!

5. Nintendo 64

Oooo Nintendo 64! One of my favorite Christmas presents that I ever received when I was about 10 years old! It is still the best video game system around.

6. Boombox

Before the portable CD players and the iPod, we had to listen to our cassette tapes and CDs on a giant boom box like this one!

7. Beanie Babies

Raise your hand if you had about 100 Beanie Babies! I did, and we are all still waiting for them to be worth the fortune *they* said the toys would be worth someday.

8. Babysitters Club Book Series

So many girls read the Babysitters Club book series, and everyone had their own favorite babysitter. It is still a classic that we can all remember with joy!

9. Glowing Star Stickers

There was nothing better as a kid than falling asleep to the glowing stars that you got to stick all over your own bedroom ceiling!

10. Gak

Gak by Nickelodeon was such a fun and squishy toy as a kid! It was gooey, made farting noises, and was probably banned from your school!

11. Troll Dolls

These so-ugly-they're-cute dolls were a staple in most family homes. What ever happened to them? 

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