18 Cake Creators Who Took Their Jobs Far Too Literally

RealClear Staff


I think I'll make my own cakes from now on.

What happens when non-creative people have creative jobs? Nothing good, clearly.

1. Hopefully 'In Spanish' had a nice birthday.

2. <3

3. Why couldn't she have gone adventuring in one of the square states?

4. Nailed it.

5. Let's hope that Wendy has a sense of humor.

6. Apparently abbreviations weren't necessary.

7. "Yeah can you just put something nice on the cake?"

8. Close enough.

9. So you're saying that this isn't what you wanted?

10. How is someone this bad at their job?

11. To be fair, it is in the middle.

12. Sprinkles? What are those?

13. No, seriously. Someone tell this decorator what they are.

14. At least they got the color correct, right?

15. Someone really went all out with this themed cake.

16. "What do you want it to say?"

17. What letter does it start with again?

18. And the one cake that, thankfully, wasn't literal enough.

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