17 Reminders That Proper Punctuation Saves Lives

RealClear Staff


Literally lifesaving.

Remember folks; there's no autocorrect for the real world.

1. That's an odd religious practice, but who are we to judge?

2. Well that took a turn for the awkward.

3. Ugly kids can run around freely, however.

4. That dog doesn't even know that she's about to become a meal.

5. That doesn't really seem like a reason to visit the hospital.

6. "No, the spacing is fine. This won't be confusing for anyone."

7. I guess cannibalism is just all the rage nowadays.

8. But it's a trend I think I'll pass on.

9. Very, very important.

10. Seems irresponsible, but Budweiser knows best.

11. Quotation marks "should not" be used for emphasis.

12. Not really a thing that I would like to personally see.

13. Someone must have it out for the Show Me State.

14. That's weirdly specific criteria to meet just for bathroom use.

15. Never forget.

16. Commas are your friends.

17. So please, for the love of everything, remember to use them!

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