24 Terrible 'Mom Texts' We All Dread (But Secretly Love)

RealClear Staff


"Hey have you heard about these emoji things?"

The world hasn't quite been the same since mothers everywhere discovered iPhones.

1. The "I just got a smart phone" text.

2. The "Guess who just found out about social media apps" text.

3. The "Emergency" text.

4. The "Intervention" text.

5. The "Really regretting this whole children thing" text.

6. The "What are you even trying to tell me" text.

7. The "I pressed all of the wrong buttons" text.

8. The "Keeping you updated on pop culture" text.

9. The "Never mind, that pop culture website was fake" follow-up.

10. The "I don't understand emojis" text.

11. The "I really don't understand emojis" text.


13. The "What on Earth is an emoji" text.

14. The "I don't care about texting etiquette" text.

15. The "Hey remember how you're single" text.

16. The "Just keeping it real" text.

17. The "I just figured out what a hashtag is" text.

18. The "I went for that third glass of wine" text.

19. The "You will always be my baby" text.

20. The "I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom" text.

21. The "I have jokes" text.

22. The "All of my jokes are at your expense" text.

23. The "Keeping you up-to-date on the family" text.

24. And the always classic "You don't control the Internet" text.

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