20th Anniversary of 'The Chanukah Song' to Celebrate Hanukkah

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"The Chanukah Song" is a classic Hanukkah (or Chanukah) song written and performed by comedian Adam Sandler originally in 1994 on Saturday Night Live.

That make this 2014 Hanukkah (December 16 - December 24) the 20th anniversary of the popular song! I bet that makes you feel old, doesn't it?

The song is great for Jewish kids who feel left out, due to all the Christmas songs that are in abundance around this time of the year.

Adam Sandler Debuts "The Chanukah Song" on SNL

Adam Sandler also created "The Chanukah Song Part 2"  and "The Chanukah Song Part 3" during his stand-up comedy tours, to further demonstrate how many famous Jewish people there are in Hollywood!



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