40 Of The Absolute Dumbest Moments Of 2014

RealClear Staff


And what a great year it was.

It's going to be hard to outdo ourselves next year, but somehow I think we will manage.

1. The person starting the year off strong.

2. This plea for people to put down their technology.

3. This commentary on international relations.

4. This amazing lack of awareness.

5. At least people can't do anything with your SSN!

6. This game show disaster.

7. This tribute to Maya Angelou.

8. And this one to Nelson Mandela.

9. This important inquiry.

10. This refusal to go back to school. Not even ounce.

11. This attempt at charging a phone.

12. This reckless optimism.

13. This bartender's refusal to move to Louisiana.

14. This entire exchange.

15. This search for intelligent life.

16. This critique of science.

17. This harrowing tale.

18. Any and all failures to realize that Daylight Saving Time, is indeed, a thing that happens.

19. Every incoherent thing that Jaden Smith tweeted.

20. The 'K' wall.

21. This brain-buster.

22. This discovery.

23. This defense of "Officer Fergusion".

24. This philosophical question.

25. This picture that was totally taken in the 1860's.

26. Every single word of this rant.

27. This sudden realization.

28. This special offer.

29. This query.

30. This stupid elevator.

31. This alert to blatant racism.

32. This rare double-dumb.

33. This declaration of love.

34. This misidentification.

35. This load-securing method.

36. This misplaced concern.

37. The person whose life was turned upside down.

38. And essentially every piece of commentary on Ebola.

39. Sigh.

40. Here's to 2015...

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