18 Coloring Books Twistedly Turned Funny By Naughty Adults

RealClear Staff


At least they stayed inside of the lines?

Leave it to adults to take the innocence out of coloring books.

1. I always knew Dora was running from something.

2 Breaking Bad: Disney Edition.

3. That's one corner that I'll be avoiding...

4. This must have been from the deleted scenes.

5. Quite the, um..."imagination" you've got there.

6. Disney rule #1: Never lick the toads.

7. Definitely two movie universes that should never do a crossover.

8. Break it down, Jesus!

9. Apparently kids need to learn about the realities of life.

10. Well...maybe not.

11. When they beauty becomes the beast.

12. I'm not sure that I remember this part of the movie...

13. "Best Friends!"

14. Well that's not very nice Mr. Seal.

15. "Let's put a smile on that face!"

16. This is why dads shouldn't be allowed near coloring books.

17. I think I'm going to leave now...

18. I wish I could un-see all of this.



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