The 26 Most Devastatingly Sad Pictures Ever Taken

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Remember to tell your food that you love it today.

For the full effect, open up this video in a new tab as you scroll. Try to choke back the tears.

1. This picture of a slice of cheesecake going overboard.

2. This photo of pasta that just couldn't be contained.

3. So many perfect eggs gone to waste.

4. The things that bring us the most joy can also cause the most pain.

5. His team should lose by default. End of story.

6. Never forget.

7. Who cares about the laptop? Can the Nutella be salvaged?

8. I hope that your duckface was worth that wasted broth.

9. This girl gets it. This is a proper level of sadness given the circumstances.

10. Why did nobody help!?

11. I trusted you, Krispy Kreme.

12. Those eggs were so close. Now you have to settle for cereal.

13. ...Never mind.

14. Why are vending machines so cruel?

15. The poor raccoon never knew that cotton candy dissolves.

16. I imagine that she has tears flowing down her face.

17. So is the cake still edible or...?

18. That beer never stood a chance.

19. That cake didn't deserve this fate!

20. Man's best friend? Riiiiiiight.

21. Not blood, just pizza sauce (which is equally sad).

22. A tragedy that rivals anything Shakespeare ever penned.

23. Would you leave your child in a hot car? No. So why leave your soda in a frozen one?

24. And, obviously, every photo of a pizza that has fallen through the oven rack.

25. Come on everyone. This is why pizza pans exist.

26. It hurts. So much.

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