21 People Who Are Desperately In Need Of Some Help

RealClear Staff


A little assistance over here!

We can all use a shoulder to lean on every now and then, right?

1. The subject of this status.

2. This dad.

3. The soulless monster who left this note.

4. The subject of the iMessage essay.

5. He's in for a rude awakening if someone doesn't move his head.

6. Why!?

7. No, but really, WHY!?

8. Sometimes life knocks you down. Get used to it, kid.

9. This woman taking a call while using her selfie stick.

10. Something tells me that you may be right...

11. You know that you're already in a movie theatre, right?

12. Just trying to sell my humited fire over here...

13. Maybe the person selling this stachew can help you get rid of it?

14. Right?

15. The look she gives him definitely implies that he's going to need some help in the near future.

16. Some people just need assistance with buying gifts.

17. Or with geography.

18. Or with trying to be a good friend.

19. But nobody has ever needed more help than the crew of Apollo 10 during a particularly awkward moment.

20. Well...except maybe this guy.

21. But he may just be a part of a dying bread.



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