23 Pictures That Won't Make Any Sense To Today's Teens

RealClear Staff


Oh nostalgia.

There are high schoolers who have absolutely no concept of the entire 20th century. Let that sink in for a second.

1. Why does that TV have a hump on its back?

2. Why is this gas station having a 60% off sale?

3. Why is that lady so excited about grocery shopping?

4. Why is that guy holding a save button?

5. Why is this movie thing so big?

6. Ok I put the "VHS" in. Why is it possessed?

7. Why is Beyoncé standing with those other girls?

8. And why is Justin Timberlake standing with those other guys?

9. Why is this website making my eyes bleed?

How to make a 90's website: Use every color possible, incorporate "wacky" fonts, and make sure that literally everything is moving.

10. Why is there a stick coming out of that guy's phone?

11. Why wouldn't they just text that to your phone?

12. Why are those cards jumping like that? And why have you been watching this for the past hour?

Want to relive the glory without putting in effort? Here you go.

13. Why does the computer sound like it's dying?

14. Why does that girl have so many stuffed animals?

15. Why did adults have them too?

If a picture of a newly divorced couple dividing up their Beanie Baby collection isn't the most 90's thing you'll ever see, then I don't know what is.

16. Why is that weird baby moving like that?

17. Why does that phone have holes in it?

18. Why are those headphones connected to a giant black brick?

19. Why do those people look like a pastel rainbow threw up on them?

20. Why is their iPad so clunky looking?

21. Why aren't they just using their phones to take videos?

22. Why is that airport so bare-looking?

23. And why doesn't that Blockbuster have the "store closing" part of their logo?



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