17 Befuddled Folks Who Are A Little Bit Slow On The Uptake

RealClear Staff


The world is a confusing place.

Have you ever met someone that just flat out doesn't get it? It doesn't even matter what "it" is, they're going to be confused regardless.

1. I wonder how long it took for him to figure it out.

2. Do you want to be seen? Or not?

3. He tried! That counts for something, right?

4. You literally shared it from NBC.

5. That's not how university works...

6. If only he had an easier way to block the sun...

7. You're supposed to pee on it. Not sit on it!

8. *Woosh*. Right over their head.

9. James. Come on buddy.

10. This might be the worst idea that I've ever seen in action.

11. That may not be the best idea. Just a thought.

12. That....that's pointless.

13. I just...

14. Do you think that the art of dogspotting is a game, Michael?

15. This is not how you announce bad news!

16. Well...at least it's secure.

17. Congrats, Rosalines of the world!

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