26 Of The Most Brutal Comebacks In Social Media History

RealClear Staff


At least Facebook is good for something!

Don't worry! I've got a list of burn centers at the ready. These people definitely need them.

1. This guy's revenge on his childhood bully.

2. This friendly reminder to an ex-girlfriend.

3. The real mistake was posting this status in the first place.

4. They are pretty great!

5. Well...unless they've got some nice comebacks too.

6. Dads have them too!

7. Seems pretty simple to me.

8. Don't we all?

9. You're doing the world a great service.

10. Thank you for the much needed translation!

11. Corporate comebacks are usually the best.

12. Especially when they're dealing blows to one another.

13. I would attend, but would probably be too dull for me.

14. Ouch. That was the most well thought out burn I've ever read.

15. Geez, Layth. What did Holly ever do to you?

16. Just saying...

17. I'll just leave this here.

18. That's...actually weirdly accurate.

19. Again, simple.

20. He's not wrong!

21. Maybe we should all just stop calling one another ugly?

22. Harsh! But too good not to include.

23. You're gonna need some ointment after that burn.

24. Can't wait!

25. Can it get any worse than getting told off by your old high school teacher?

26. Yeah. Yeah it definitely can. Whoops.



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