21 Wonderful Times That The News Didn't Go According To Plan

RealClear Staff


You never know what's going to happen!

Eat your hearts out, MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News. Local news stations are where it's at.

1. When nobody bothered to check the background.

2. When one story suddenly became a dating show.

3. When this kitten had a minor spasm.

4. When Spiderman forgot what exactly it meant to be a hero.

5. When this skeptical baby really wasn't thrilled with the attention.

6. When viewers were treated to this spectacular lack of good judgement.

7. When they didn't think to take their own advice.

8. When this dancing fiend showed up unexpectedly.

9. When they remained optimistic in the face of disaster.

10. When the camera caught this cop off guard.

11. When this unsuspecting man took an impromptu swim.

12. When they asked the important questions.

13. The really, truly important questions.

14. When someone, or something, felt a little left out of the shot.

15. When they created 9 brand new world wars.

16. When one reporter was the victim of a drive-by plowing.

17. When they celebrated some good news maybe a little too early.

18. When they caught this momentary lapse in coordination.

19. When they gave some highly questionable advice.

21. And when this happened. Because who ever expects a woman to be glued to her toilet?

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