16 Elaborately Beautiful Birthday Cakes That Will Make You Feel Like a Terrible Parent

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Parents are busy people. At least you are a busy parent. Every other mom and dad on the planet seems to have more time for their kid's birthday than you, right?

We say screw them, their elaborate cakes and the humble brags that go with it. 

We're a sheet cake family and proud of it!

1. "Oh, this? No, It Wasn't Hard. Only About 34 Hours of Work."

2. "It's Really Hard to Make a Good Nunchuck Out of Fondant, You Know?"

3. "Instead of Singing 'Happy Birthday' I Thought We Could All Sit Quietly and Admire it."

4. "Ghostbusters Was My Favorite Movie When I was Dylan's Age, So We're Kind of Cramming it Down His Throat."

5. "We Had to Have This Frosting Imported from Italy, But Emma Really Wanted it."

6. "Don't Judge Me Because The Buttons Aren't All 90-Degree Angles, Okay?"

7. "Fondant? No, That's Actually 24-Karat Gold."

8. "He Couldn't Choose a Favorite so I Indulged Him Just a Little."

9. "It Was Really Easy, Actually."

10. "My Secret Ingredient is Love."

11. "I Just Took a Week of Vacation to Really Buckle Down on the Cake."

12. "Actually, It's Made of 433 Individual Mini-Cakes Stacked on Each Other."

13. "I Would Totally Make One For Your Son Since You Don't Know How to Bake."

14. "It Actually Transforms Into Two Dozen Cupcakes."

15. "We Went to Disney World Just for Research."

16. "I Took a Few Marine Biology Classes in My Spare Time To Get the Details Just Right."

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