21 Reasons To Never Ever Step Inside A Whole Foods Again

RealClear Staff


Come for the $8 quinoa, stay for the $15 salad.

The weirdest, most ridiculous things overheard at your favorite organic, gluten-free, free trade, not-at-all over-the-top grocery store. Courtesy of your new favorite Facebook page, Overheard at Wholefoods.

1. I'm sure that your child is a joy to be around.

2. The only place on Earth where people take "kale aura" into consideration.

3. Gluten > God, apparently.

4. I like the way the second person thinks.

5. Sooooo you're not a vegan then.

6. You'll eat your Canadian bacon and you'll LIKE IT!

7. We all need our "juice" every now and then.

8. Worst. Army. Ever.

9. I shudder at the thought of this young witch's future therapy bills.

10. I didn't even know that camels could lactate.

11. So many buzzwords that I don't understand.

12. Mmmmhmmmmmmm. I'm sure your "doctor" said that.

13. Your priorities suck. And you suck too.

14. Santa's intestines must be long.

15. So important!

16. I feel you, anonymous yogi.

17. Artisan everything!

18. Lady 2 and I would get along very well.

19. So basically it tasted like sadness?

20. I just...I can't.

21. Goodbye forever, Whole Foods.



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